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The Erotika Biennale is brought to you by Clitsplash, a female founded artistic collective that stands for liberation, equal representation and diverse perspectives on human sexuality. We focus on featuring artwork by women, queer, trans and other sex positive minorities. As we seek to curate quality digital art exhibitions and IRL encounters, we advocate their proliferation within the metaverse. Clitsplash fosters an 'open metaverse' by showcasing the value of human sexuality in digital culture and curating soundly researched and elaborated art exhibitions. A metaverse that is economically sustainable for artists, safe, fair, inclusive and able to kindle all sorts of artwork, is our mission.

Meet the team

  • Gladys Garrote


    Art Curator and Art History professor, Gladys specializes in art-tech intersections, focusing on contemporary art and themes such as feminism and cultural memory. Her notable achievements in the NFT space include curatorial contributions to dozens of collections and projects across blockchains and institutions and the onboarding of 100+ minority artists into the NFT ecosystem.

  • Tam Gryn


    Art Curator and Author Tam, a guest lecturer at Harvard and New York Academy of the Arts, formerly led Fine Arts at Rally and curated at SHOWFIELDS. She curated and organized various exhibitions and fundraisers, collaborating with notable museums and brands. Educated in Art History, Politics, and Negotiation at Sorbonne, Reichman, and Tel Aviv Universities.

  • Federica Pogliani

    Digital Strategist

    Italian art historian Federica Pogliani, with specializations in Contemporary Art History and Visual Arts, also holds an MBA in Digital Innovation for Arts and Culture. She has worked at Galleria Marcolini and is currently a Digital Strategist at Menabò Group, focusing on branding and communication.

  • Lisandro Ancewicz

    Creative Director

    Lisandro Ancewicz is a Cannes / Clio / D&AD and OneShow award-winning art director/designer originally from Buenos Aires, Argentina. Lisandro also likes to design XR experiences using software like Cinema4d, WebGL, WebXr, and React. He also finds inspiration in the real world creating custom steel furniture and sailing the Pacific.

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Each ticket includes:

  • Access to 4 events at the WEAM Wilzig Erotic Art Museum
  • Access to all studio visits
  • Free access to Zey Zey + one free drink
  • Free 1 month membership to Miami's sexiest club, Velvet
  • 10% discount on Gever Candles

Do you have your own erotic initiative?

Be part of The Erotika Biennale!

The Decentralized Erotika Biennale invites interested partners to apply for participation to become part of the collateral experiences, providing a screening and vetting process overseen by Clitsplash's curators, Tam Gryn and Gladys Garrote. Selected partners will enter into an agreement outlining deliverables and receiving brand guidelines, event templates, and ongoing support from the curators. The curated experiences will ensure a high standard of quality across all activations, delivering an unforgettable and never seen before journey.